Invitation Only – EP

So as some of you may know, I have a band with my coworkers called The Saboteurs. We performed an unplugged set about a month ago for our office’s post-Valentine’s event (see previous post)… I’m really proud of our performance back then, that I decided to compile the audio from that particular set and turn it into an EP. Why “Invitation Only” for the title? First, it’s a line from Stolen, our last song in the set. Second, it was an office-only event. So there. :)

The Saboteurs


  1. Yellow (Coldplay cover)
  2. My Hero (Foo Fighters cover)
  3. Stolen (Dashboard Confessional cover)

DOWNLOAD: Cloud (free) / BandCamp (free or name your price)

I was intending on creating a digital booklet but I got lazy. So take what you can get. Hehe