Inspired :]

I’m currently working on a little something special. It’s an audition for a very popular show right now, which I got invited to at MySpace. I don’t know if they found me and want me to audition, or they’re just adding random people, hahaha. Either way, it’s good! So at the moment I’m just practicing the song I chose from their list, and I’m trying to memorize the lyrics & the guitar chords. I’ll be able to shoot the video either tomorrow or on Thursday, and I will post the link when it’s done! :D

Lately I’ve felt so inspired. Aside from that thing I just mentioned, I am also working on something else. It’s a song I’ve been writing, and I sort of got stuck for a while. Now, though, I feel the urge within me to finish it. Hopefully my efforts will be recognized, enough for me to be featured on a certain talk show. ;)

Hmm, what else. Oh yeah, I’m trying to go to a friend’s show out of town as I promised him. Some of my friends already agreed to go with me, but we don’t have a means of transportation. My family has a means of transportation, or two, or three… Except, I haven’t fully convinced them yet. I just want to be able to spend time with these people & take a pretty good vacation at the same time.

I gotta go now ’cause it’s just too hot where I’m at. I need a little cool-down of some sort…