Haven’t posted in FOREVER. I decided to have a look at my Google analytics, and… Lo & behold!

I would’ve understood the typical search keywords to get to my site, such as “imee” and “imee music.” But look at these! Out of nearly a hundred keywords that linked to my site, here are the strangest ones…

10. chris camus slam dunk – No, I don’t have his video. I wasn’t even at the All Star games! Sorry.
18. asan na si badong canlas? – There in his dorm or probably at a game. Lol
19. band line up in ust paskuhan 2008 – I wish I knew, dear.
30. do jens knuttel had a girlfriend? – First, wrong grammar. :p And as far as I know, he doesn’t have one at the moment.
31. dylan ababou dinner – You wanna have dinner with him, or do you want him for dinner?
47. how to play banduria – I can teach you. Lol
49. imee love you never die – Uhm, thanks?
85. tigers chasing chickens – This cracked me up. What the hell was this about??
89. who is jonas villanueva girlfriend – ME! I’m kidding. I forgot her name though. She’s pretty!
92. zoobic safari feedback – I loved it there. Hehe.

Apart from these, there have been other batches of keywords in the past, such as batiwtiw (the name of a dog of mine that passed away), and *insert player’s name here* girlfriend. Aside from those crazy bunch of keywords, people have also been looking for specific members/players of the UST and FEU basketball teams, their girlfriends, various ex-players, ADMU/DLSU players, and professional players! What the hell.